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Mobiloc is the only integrated lock with GPS tracking system on the market.

Mobiloc permanently bolts to your property with the help of an adjustable mounting bracket. When you’re ready to lock up, simply pull out Mobiloc’s retractable six-foot cable and loop it through your bike wheels (or other property) and around a secured landmark. Then insert the key back into the lock and turn. The cable will automatically retract back into the unit.

Mobiloc comes with an optional GPS tracking system. Once you’re in locked mode with Mobiloc, the GPS will alert you via text, email or both if your property or the Mobiloc cable is moved or compromised in any way. The GPS will be able to target your bike’s location from any computer or smart phone using our specialized software and app.

Absolutely not. The GPS feature is optional. If you choose to purchase Mobiloc without the GPS, it still acts as a crime deterrent because thieves won’t be able to tell whether or not your lock is GPS-enabled.

Mobiloc isn’t just for locking up bikes. Virtually anything you own can be secured with Mobiloc, such as mopeds, motorcycles, strollers, snowmobiles and even grills.

Mobiloc attaches around almost anything from a tree in the woods to a light pole in the city.

The Mobiloc lock alone costs $49.99. Mobiloc with GPS tracking system is available for $129.99.


We stand behind our product.

The Mobiloc comes with technical support and two years of hardware warranty.