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The GPS Lock
MobilocThe GPS Lock

Put security on lock down.

Designed and tested to be the smartest lock on the streets, Mobiloc® secures your mobile property so you have peace of mind. Its built-in GPS technology allows you to track your ride from any location, anytime. Mobiloc permanently mounts to your frame—going where you go—with no bulky transport or maneuvering. And with a retractable six-foot cable that secures to almost anything, Mobiloc makes traditional locks obsolete.

Locks in circle

safety-in-styleSafety in style.

Mobiloc combines affordable protection with compact convenience
in one stylish lock:

Optional GPS tracking system targets the bike’s location right from your smart phone or computer
Adjustable mounting bracket easily attaches to bikes, mopeds, motorcycles, strollers, snowmobiles and even grills
Lightweight, high-impact construction
6-foot steel braided cable with protective coating locks into itself
Self-locking, laser-cut key entry system
Comes in several stylish colors

This lock leaves a trail.

Thinks like a thief.

Mobiloc comes equipped with an optional, state-of-the-art GPS tracking system that includes anti-jamming technology. Even if you choose to purchase Mobiloc without the GPS, thieves won’t know the difference and will steer clear of your property once they see your Mobiloc.

Acts like a ninja.

If the Mobiloc steel braided cable is compromised, or if your property moves even a foot from where you secured it, the Mobiloc GPS alarm and tracking system will automatically alert you via text, email or both. Once the GPS tracker is activated, you can target your bike’s location from any computer or smart phone using our specialized tracking software and app.

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