Mobiloc GPS ANNUAL Data Service Package

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Mobiloc GPS ANNUAL Data Service Package



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Mobiloc Cellular GPS Monthly Data Package
$85.00/YR = 250MB/month*
*$5 service fee will be charged for each activation or deactivation of your Mobiloc device.

**Although your credit card will be charged for the data service package, your billing cycle does not start until the date of activation.

ACTIVATION: You will receive a confirmation email after purchasing your data package. This email will include your data package Device ID. Download the MobilocGPS app (through the app store or google play) and enter the Device ID provided. Follow instructions to create your password. Begin tracking your personal property immediately! Activation process may take 24+hours.

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Once your MobilocGPS is activated, you will receive a confirmation email which will include the phone number associated with your lock. Go to your MobilocGPS app and add this device phone number to your settings.